Farrells Architects

— brand identity

Following a major management transition, in December 2014 I was hired to design lead Farrells Architects’ — UK’s leading architect planner — first branding exercise in the last 25 years.

The process included a complete redesign of the logo, typography, stationery, marketing materials and specific architectural document templates. (website and Intranet were only partially refreshed)


In response to the management transition, I devised a long-term 2-steps organic design strategy:
– in the first stage, an unadorned typographic grid brand vocabulary would be used, and
– during the second stage, when the management transition would be complete, more design elements and ornaments would be added.

The strategy was also inspired by company’s commitment to adaptability and response to place, as well as by contemporary technology design practice — delivering fast and iterating often in order to keep products competitive and relevant for different target groups.

A constant focus was kept on ensuring that the technical architectural templates maintained the right balance between graphic design standards, brand consistency, ease of use, and versatility.

Proposed concept

Referencing practice’s association with postmodern thought, I sketched a concept that used as a starting point basic geometric shapes, that I then overlapped and reduced to the most important architectural element — the line.

Resulting lines were then used freely in endless combinations to create a ‘living’ identity unique with every new application.

This example is relevant to my general practice as it encapsulates my strong belief that contemporary brand identities should not function as merely immovable sets of rules, rather they should enable continuous open ended conversations.