Enel / Seeded Paper Energy Bill

— service design


Enel, the biggest electricity provider in Romania wanted to show its commitment to the environment in a more direct way. They wanted to start reducing their paper consumption and they needed the help of their clients for that.


Our solution was a simple and effective one, we told the people from Enel to send 1 last paper invoice printed on seeded paper. So that, when the clients got the bill, they could actually bury it forever and something green would grow out of it.


After the first month, over 50,000 clients chose the electronic billing service. Media loved the idea and blew it up. But most importantly, we seeded change in people’s minds.


Bronze Lion winner in Cannes Lions

The stop-motion animation was all done in-house during a couple of long days by me, my copywriter, a Macbook Pro and a Canon 5D.