Dorna Water by Coca-Cola

— big budget advertising

Dorna, a Coca-Cola brand is traditionally considered the leader of the bottled water category in urban Romania, and also a brand with a taste for blockbuster adverts. Dorna TVCs are well known for their spectacular visuals revolving around the idea of raw nature invading citiscapes.

After a series of successful campaigns for Vodafone and other major agency brands, me and my copywriter were given the opportunity to add our names to the exclusive short list of creatives working on the agency’s crown jewel brand — Dorna. Our task was to manage-deliver a spectacular TVC in the context of the economic downturn following 2008 and to keep the client reassured that big budget productions are delivering both brand equity and increased sales.

In 2009, this was considered the most expensive — £500k, and the most CGI intensive TVC ever made in Romania, a record probably still in place today. It was filmed in remote locations throughout Romania, in Barcelona, and in the biggest film studios in Bucharest. The whole production process took almost 9 months from the approved script to the finished film.

After the launch, the film was voted by the general public as the winner of the Romanian BestAds Awards, and due to its popularity it was featured for more than 2 years throughout all major East-European markets.

The photographic visual of the campaign featured at the top of the page was made with the help of the best CGI studio in Eastern Europe, Carioca.