Cervical Cancer Victims Memorial

— CSR Campaign


6 women were dying every day from cervical cancer in Romania.

Tests and treatment are free of charge and accessible throughout the country, yet most women were not aware of this type of cancer.

The client had a total budget of roughly £30.000 and was hoping to get a nation wide response.


The situation was so tragic that it didn’t feel right going through the usual route of the classical advertising campaign, it rather needed a more deeply human and dignified response.

That is why we came up with the idea of installing in each big city around the country a series of growing modular memorial monuments with the victims names inscribed on each module.

Due to the really small budget we had to be able to build and maintain each monument for 60 days within £3.500.


We decided to skip paying for any media or printing and direct all the money to the design and construction of these art installations so that they generate free media instead.

In order to achieve this we teamed up with a number of talented local architects and worked together with them in delivering some outstanding and ‘conversation starter’ monument designs. A few of the proposals and original sketches are pictured below.